‘1 – 2 – OPEN’ cap

HAK introduced a revolutionary new cap which can be opened surprisingly easy, making opening a glass jar way easier and far more comfortable than traditional caps without any mechanical aid.

With a featherlight two step twist the HAK ‘1 – 2 – OPEN’ cap can be opened effortlessly by anyone: young and old, men and women. When breaking the vacuüm the recognisable ‘plop’ will be heard, confirming the freshness and quality of the HAK product. The new cap is unique to HAK products and considered revolutionary within the packaging industry.

The new cap is easily recognisable by its purple rim and white print ‘1 – 2 – OPEN’.

A perfect solution for everyone

Dutch consumers are enthusiastic about the new HAK cap, as confirmed by various studies. HAK CEO Timo Hoogeboom is convinced that soon other caps will no longer be accepted by the consumer. “The new cap offers the solution to one of the largest irritations. Don’t we all know the various complicated tricks used to reach the content of a glass jar that simply won’t open? With the new HAK cap using knives and other utensils is no longer necessary: a perfect solution for everyone.”