About HAK

We are the number 1 brand in freshly preserved vegetables & fruits in Northwestern Europe. Over decades we have been famous for:

  • Sourcing high quality vegetables locally: 90% of the vegetables are sourced within 125km from our production facility in The Netherlands so that we can closely monitor the seeding, growth and harvest. Often our vegetables are processed within few hours from field to jar.
  • Quality is key, which is why we intensively monitor our products starting at the seeds on our fields until they end up on our consumers’ plates. Partly due to this focus on quality we score highest in consumer preference test for our main HAK products, each of which having its own, unique HAK recipe.
  • Preserving fresh vegetables & fruit with a traditional conservation method with the use of heat and without the use of preservatives. Our freshly processed vegetables & fruits are therefore healthy, tasteful and contain all the important nutrients.
  • Using glass jars. Glass jars stand for transparency, taste, sustainability and quality.
  • Continuous innovation which responds to relevant consumer needs like our 1 – 2 – open cap.


We believe that the world would be a better place where we live longer and in better health if everyone eats more vegetables & fruits.


We want to make healthy living and eating easier and more tasty with our honest quality vegetables & fruits that we harvest locally in The Netherlands.